I’ve never been to a Buddhist Temple before.   What can I expect when I arrive?  The downstairs area is open to the public only during classes and events, so it’s best to check the calendar before coming.  There are two beautiful shrine rooms where our meditation classes and practices are held.  We ask that you remove your shoes before entering either of these rooms, as a sign of respect and maintaining cleanliness for a sacred space. Also, as if you were in a church, it’s best to speak quietly and respectfully.  Feel free to take photos, if you like.

Can I bring my children? Children are welcomed in the temple, as long as they’re accompanied and supervised by an adult.  There are many sacred (and breakable!) items in the shrine room, so parents are asked to manage their children’s behavior at all times.

How should I dress when visiting the temple?  You may dress casually or dressy during your visit.  Either way, it should be comfortable, especially if you plan on sitting on a meditation cushion.  Again, as a sign of respect, it’s requested that your attire be modest and not too revealing.  Our teacher, Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, requests that no short skirts, shorts (on men or women) or hats be worn inside the shrine rooms.

Are the classes or practices open to everyone? Most of our classes and practices are open to everyone, whether you’re new to Buddhism or a seasoned practitioner.  Some, however, are restricted to students who have met certain criteria dictated by that practice.  Generally, you can assume that the class is open to everyone unless it’s specifically stated otherwise. Please note that some of our practices are more suited to experienced students (see Our Programs).  That said, you’re still invited to come, learn and become an experienced student yourself!

How can I stay informed about the activities at Orgyen Dorje Den? Join our email list! We’ll keep you up to date on new classes, guest speakers, and all of our ongoing programs.